Whether you are a law firm, sole practitioner or company, Wilson's Premier Paralegal is the solution for your Intellectual Property paralegal needs. 

Our services include:

Domestic Filing and Prosecution

  • File Patent Applications: provisional, utility, continuation, divisional, continuation in-part, re-issue, national phase (371 applications)
  • Prepare and file patent prosecution documents: Petitions, Information Disclosure Statements (including Quick Path IDSs), etc.
  • Prepare and file Requests for First Action Interview, Requests for Prioritized Examination, Requests for Patent Prosecution Highway 
  • File Responses to Office Actions, Appeal Documents, etc.
  • Prepare and file documents relating to Inter Partes Review Proceedings
  • Prepare and file State and Federal Trademark Applications
  • Prepare and file trademark prosecution documents: Statements of Use, Affidavits of Use, Registration Renewals
  • Register Copyrights

International Filing and Prosecution

  • File Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Applications with the International Bureau and U.S. Receiving Office
  • Prepare and file PCT prosecution documents: Article 19 amendments, Demand for Preliminary Examination, Article 34 amendments, etc.
  • Prepare and obtain filing requirements for international patent and trademark applications and coordinate filing with foreign counsel
  • Obtain Legalized or Apostille Documents (normal or rushed delivery)

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

  • Integrate portfolio obtained as a result of acquisitions or mergers
  • Internal audit of portfolio in anticipation of licensing, sale of assets, litigation and valuation of company
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Validate and update chain of title

Administrative Management

  • Procure and populate docket system
  • Maintain U.S. and international patent and trademark docket
  • Assess current portfolio management practices to troubleshoot and streamline workflow
  • Provide recommendations for process improvement to increase efficiency
  • Develop documentation for procedures, such as manuals, checklists, quality control measures, etc.

Staffing and Training

  • Provide comprehensive or targeted training to address short or long-term staffing needs
  • Consult with human resources and hiring partners to ensure potential candidates for non-attorney staff meet demands of individual practice
  • Screen candidates for non-attorney staffing (contact us to inquire about our interview assessment)

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